Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mohler and the Greatest Commandment

As reported by the Baptist Press, Albert Mohler, in a chapel service at Southern Seminary, proclaimed that if our theology does not lead to love for God and love for our neighbor, we are missing the big picture. This sounds good until you get to the point where he defines what it means to love our neighbor.

If we love God we would love [the love God has] for His own glory in seeing sinners saved by the blood of the Lamb,” Mohler said. “And love of God and love of neighbor will lead us to want to know more, to get theology right and to be more passionate about evangelism.

I find it very disturbing, that in Mohler's view the effect of our love for God and love for neighbor will result in knowing more "right" theology and having more passion for evangelism.

While it is true that Jesus proclaimed the good news of the kingdom, he showed his love by healing, feeding, caring and ultimately dying. I don't remember anywhere that Jesus said you must love God and get your theology right. And although Mohler was preaching from Matthew 22, I have to assume that he is aware that the same command in Luke 10 is followed by the storyof the Good Neighbor SAMaritan. And Matthew 23 focusses totally on Jesus pronouncing WOES on those who were more concerned with getting their theology right than on "the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness."

I have no objection to the idea that if we love our neighbor we will want to share the gospel with them, but recent events have showed us that if all we want to do is "evangelize" our neighbors without showing them that we care about all of their needs, they will not be very interested.

Go back and look at the scripture again, Al, you are still missing the big picture.

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Marty said...

Right theology. Some are really hung on that aren't they?
Even to the point of questioning your salvation if you don't get it right, as they see it, that is. Glad to see you are posting. I'll be reading.