Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Follow up to Another one bites the dust

Messengers to the Missouri Baptist Convention took aim at a treasured Baptist principle, the autonomy of the local church, by approving an amendment to their constitution which “changed the membership eligibility requirement from ‘any Baptist church in sympathy with the objects of the Convention …’ to ‘Any Southern Baptist church singly aligned with the Convention….’”  Historically Southern Baptist organizations have avoided the kind of connectionalism between groups that was approved in Missouri.  You can get differing perspectives on the vote from ABP, “Missouri Baptists narrow membership to exclude CBF, moderate churches,” and BP, “Missouri Baptists strengthen ties to SBC, MBC.”  It is a signficant that what one reports as narrowing and restricting the other reports as strengthening.  The fundys have now attacked “the lordship of Jesus Christ,” “the priesthood of the believer,” and “the autonomy of the local church.” I wonder what they will go after next.

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