Friday, March 16, 2007

True Lies Redux

It seems that the producers of the Jesus Tomb left out one little step in their research process, peer review. Of course all scholars know that if they want to get published they have to submit to peer review, or submitting their work to experts in the field for their evaluation. If that had been done then they might have avoided the embarrassment of having a scholar blow them out of the water. See Stephen J. Pfann's article MARY MAGDALENE IS NOW MISSING: A CORRECTED READING OF RAHMANI OSSUARY 701. Pfann's analysis is so detailed that no one should ever again think that Mary Magdalene is buried in that tomb. Which obviously destroys the very thesis that the production was based on.

As Pfann said in an AP article, "James Cameron is a great guru of science fiction, and he's taking it to a new level with Simcha Jacobovici. You take a little bit of science, spin a good yarn out of it and you get another 'Terminator' or 'Life of Brian.'"

Unfortunately, I don't think Cameron and Jacobovici will take the advice of another blogger in his 12 Lessons from the Jesus Tomb Saga, when he said

5. Don’t be tempted to “follow the money”; follow the evidence instead. Be on a quest for truth, not fame or fortune.

Are you crazy, this is show business.

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