Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oklahoma has done it again

Oklahoma seems to have an inordinate ability to elect the most inappropriate people to public office. The latest example is Sally Kern, Republican from OKC. I don't know which is worse, Sally Kern's homophobia or her ignorance. Her homophobia is self-evident and her ignorance was certainly made evident by her recent comments. If you have any doubts about her ignorance there are numerous sites which document it. This is one of the better ones, Exploring Our Matrix.

Her ignorance is definitely the bigger problem, because her homophobia is just one facet of her ignorance. One of the more disturbing elements in this incident is that she is the chair of the Social Services Committee of the OK House of Representatives. Is it any wonder this state is in such a mess, when the good people of Oklahoma keep sending people like Sally Kern to the legislature.

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