Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Totaled Woman Is Alive and Well at SWBTS

The latest edition of the Latest News from Southwestern is just full of fun(dy) stuff.  It may take me awhile to comment on all of it, so check back for updates.

First, an update on the happy homemaker program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. My first post on this subject came back in 2007 when the program was announced.

Now the seminary is proudly showcasing the new home on seminary hill for the happy homemaker home.  You can see the proud parents in the press release,
 "Southwestern Seminary dedicates Horner Homemaking House"

Acccording to the press release, the building, named the Sarah Horner Homemaking House, will serve as an educational building but will look more like a house than a classroom, complete with kitchen and textile lab, as well as a large library, full of resources for classroom lectures. Upstairs, two rooms will house students in the homemaking concentration and another room will be available for guest housing.

Next, just in case you are wondering if they do still allow women to teach about children's ministry at Fort Fundamentalist, "Trustees elected Karen Kennemur as assistant professor of children’s ministry in the School of Educational Ministries."  I do wonder how they justify having a wife and mother of three children work outside the home like this.  What kind of example is that setting for all of the future happy homemakers?

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