Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's Time to Bring Bozo Home

Way back in 2008 many of us thought this camparison with Senator Jesse Helms was an insult to Bozo the Clown.  So the rest of this article is done with apologies to Bozo.  Back then, we could rest comfortably in the thought that the good people of North Carolina had to claim the Clown of the Senate. 

But now we Okies have our own Bozo. 
Color us proud.

Anyone who knows the history of Jim Inhofe knows he  was a joke as a state legislature and then the voters of Oklahoma thought they would share their joke with the rest of the country and send him to Washington.  For his first few years in Happy Valley he lived up to his own low standards and had one of the worst attendance records in the senate.  But then, obviously way over his head and not too good at treading water,  he discovered that one way to get attention was to make ridiculous statements.  So now whenever the press needs a ridiculous statement to lighten up their retelling of all the things going wrong around us, they know they can always count on the good senator for Oklahoma to provide some comic relief.  Unfortunately, a small, and hopefully shrinking, minority of citizens take what he says seriously.  So the joke has gone on long enough.  It's time for Bozo to go home and leave the governing of the country to those who have a clue.

I found this comment from Eagle4 with a Tulsa Word story about Inhofe's latest idiocy-
Inhofe remains one of the most uneducated, Redneck bumpkins on this flat planet! His stupidity makes him the poster child for Planned Parenthood! Just when you think you're totally flabbergasted by what he's said, he opens his mouth again and takes you to a whole new level!

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