Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Lies Just Keep On Coming

An old joke with a new subject: "How can you tell when Sarah Palin is lying? Her mouth is open." It just keeps getting piled higher and deeper. Now the Washington Post is reporting some very questionable travel claims including staying in a $700 a night hotel in NY. Not that's what I call a fiscal conservative. Since I am primarily just ranting about McCain/Palin at this point let me point you to a blog that is doing more documentation of the lies and insanity of the McCain crowd.

Go see

How Insane Is John McCain?

He gives you enough evidence to keep several grand juries deliberating for a long time.


Tauratinzwe said...

I'd like to see someone follow up to validate or invalidate the claim I've heard that she claims a per diam from the Alaska Gov. when she goes home from the capital -- which is apparently very often. If true that's a disqualifer.

sepherim said...

Look at the story. They are not denying it, they are saying that it was a legitimate claim because her official residence is in Juneau. It must be nice. I live 35 miles from my office, maybe I can get my boss to pay me per diem. Oh wait, she is the boss. So at least in her mind she can do whatever she likes.