Thursday, September 04, 2008

More on Palin Watch--Hypocrites

This is truly an historic day. I finally found a Cal Thomas statement that I can agree with. In a column about the media unfair treatment of Sarah Palin, his opening line is "We are such hypocrites." He can just stop there and he will have for once spoken the truth. But no he has to go on and castigate the media for piling on the Palin family because of Bristol's pregnancy. Doesn't he realize that the only reason the media is piling on is because Sarah Palin represents herself as part of that group of Christians who have been piling on other people for years who crossed the line of their loudly proclaimed family values. But somehow, when the plank is in her eye, we are not supposed to notice it. I want to thank one of my conservative friends for making me aware of Cal's column.

I am truly sorry that Bristol Palin's sex life has become a topic of conversation for the whole world. I know she didn't ask for that. But the one person responsible for it is her mother, the righteous Sarah Palin. Supposedly she knew her daughter was pregnant when she accepted the nomination and surely she is not so politically naive as to think that it would be kept secret. Should candidates' families be off-limits, absolutely. Will they be if there is any hint of scandal? Absolutely not. Why was Chelsea Clinton constantly bombarded with questions about her father's sexual practices? No child should be subjected to that, but it was a sure fire way to get ratings and sell papers. And if you don't think the horde of news people are in it for the money just ask Rupert Murdoch.

If you want to read the Thomas column here is the link, just remember if you want the truth just read the first line.


SunWolf said...

I feel bad for Bristol, too. I imagine that it's hard enough to be a pregnant un-married teenager, without having the press hound you and the entire world examine you. But her mother certainly did not protect her by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I don't believe Palin is a good mother at all. I'm not saying that she can't be a mother and VP at the same time. I believe women can fulfill the same roles as men and do them well, and be a good parent at the same time. We see it all the time all around us. But in this case, I do not think that she is good at the job of mother. It's possible that she has been SO involved with her political positions that she has not really been very involved with the kids, that the older ones are raising the younger ones. It certainly looks that way when you watch the siblings interreact... it's almost as if their world does not really include their parents. It's subtle, but watch them closely. Maybe that's why some of those National Inquirerer types think Bristol is Trig's mom.

I just wish this country would get back on track, and I don't think the McCain/Palin ticket will get us there. I think McCain the "Maverick" is easily angered and impetuous. And I think Palin is a vindictive George Bush type of who fires people who don't agree with her, one who makes impulsive decisions without listening to the experts, and one who falls back on her self-claimed "Christian values" to make her opponents seem somehow less Christian. Sort of like the Bush administration's "if you don't support Republican values, you are not patriotic." "If you don't support the war with Iraq, you don't suppor the troops."

I just have a gut feeling that Obama can bring us out of this horrible state of things. I am excited at the prospect.

Thank you for sharing your blog. It's very thoughtfully written. You are very good at keeping up with events.

sepherim said...

My real fear is that the American people are going to buy into the "hockey mom" myth the same way they bought into thinking they were going to get to sit down and have a beer with George Bush.

Anonymous said...

I think your fears are well founded. The latest Rasmussen poll gives her a 58% approval rating. That's better than both Obama and McCain who are at 57%. Our best hope is that all this muck that is being raked about her will gradually seep into the thick skulls of the American electorate.